8oz Vanilla Soy Candle Rose Gold

$2000 $4000

Exclusive 8oz Vanilla Soy Candle available in Rose Gold. 

These jars are made of heavy fireproof glass, and are embossed with an intricate floral pattern. The lids are thick and compliment the design when closed. 

Beautiful and subtle Vanilla Scented with Essential Oil from a NY fragrance house.

Candle approx. 3.5in wide, 4in tall. Burn times vary, but you can expect 20+ hours. 

Handmade with Organic Soy Wax, Essential Oil, and a Cotton Wick.

Universal Candle Instructions:

Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire-resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than four hours at a time. Stop use when only 1/4″ of wax remains.