Rachel Robyn 8 oz Lavender Candle


What's in our Candles

Our candle wax is a blend of clean US grown soywax and organic coconut oil.  It has a natural off-white color, low melting point, it smooth to the touch, not actually hard and "waxy". When heated, it melts easily, and the wax can be used for skincare. It's great for aromatherapy or massage - use with caution. 

The wicks are natural cotton, and supported by a small metal base. When trimmed properly, they produce no soot. 

The glass container of our 8oz candle is US made of the highest quality crystal clear glass. It's 4.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches across. The candle has a bronze top, which helps seal in the essential oils before use.

What's NOT in Our Candles

Our candle contains NO paraffin wax, phthalates, metals, or "fragrances". 

Paraffin, a commonly used commercial candle wax derived from oil. Burning paraffin candles emit all kinds of volatile organic compounds, such as benzine and toluene. Paraffin is cheap, inorganic, and has been linked to poor health and cancer. Our wax is naturally grown and produced. 

Phthalates are a class of chemical "plasticizers" that are used in mass-market shampoos and cheap candles, used to give an artificial shine to the wax.They are hidden under the "fragrance" label. Our wax has no harmful synthetic additives. 

Fragrance is a catch-all term that manufacturers use to hide synthetic chemicals,  Allergies, headaches, and other problems may come from unknown ingredients under the word "fragrance".

Metals:  Lead, tin or zinc metal are used in mass-market candle wicks. Our wicks are 100% natural cotton or wood, and never contain harmful metals.  

How does our candle perform? 

The LAVENDER candle has an excellent scent throw. This means the scent, while mild, can fill up a room. Noses vary, and so will your scent perception.  Also, room air-flow is a factor. If the room has constantly moving air, if a window is opened, the scent will not fill up as strongly if the windows are closed. We have found that our natural wax blend, together with cool-temp hand pouring, and adequate candle curing time, can result in great scent performance. 

The first burn of your candle should be around 2 hours. This will allow a pool of wax to be melted on the top of the candle. After you see a pool of wax across the top, blow out the candle and let the wax cool off. Then use your candle as normal, but don't burn longer than 4 hours per use.

Remember to trim the wick to about 1/4 in above the wax line. The 8oz candle can burn 20-30 hours.  Extinguish the flame by using a candle snuffer, or gently blow the flame out. Do not use the top to extinguish the candle flame. 

If you like our candle, please let us know! Contact us at info@rachelrobyn.com